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Enabling Digital Ecosystem

With a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure
AND Solutions provides access to a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure to interact with partners through an open API and provides all-in-one, holistic services to end-users. We are also enabling intelligent automation, enhancing both productivity and efficiency to help drive down costs.

A highly scalable

e-wallet handles multiple funding sources

A user-friendly

mobile app that fits your

A highly integrable open API

ecosystem management and partner networks

Why choose our

Digital Ecosystem Builder

We have a domain expert R&D team with extensive experience that continuously tests and develops new technologies and constantly enhances features.

We offer a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that comprises basic functionalities. This can help you release a usable version of the product for market validation.

Our team of experts will do usability and business consulting on how you can maximize our technological capabilities.

Design and facilitate your ecosystem by onboarding relevant partners as mini-apps and lock users’ entire journey within your single app while benefiting from the network effect.

Simplify payment steps and provide smooth payment processes to end-users by offering a single wallet with all the funding channels that end-users need.

Technology modules and capabilities:

Digital Ecosystem Builder
Mobile application features

UX and UI design
Our designers create intuitive yet straightforward designs that fit into your branding and end-users uniqueness

Machine learning
We utilize machine learning models to recommend hyper-personalized offerings

Frontend and backend development
You can choose either frontend or backend or full-stack mobile developments depending on your needs

Cross-platform framework
Run your application both on Android and iOS with a single codebase to optimize cost and efforts

High frequency, high volume capability
Utilizing database shard and horizontal partition of data, our wallet system is capable of handling a large number of datasets and requests
Top-up and cash-out capability
Through integration with local channels, charge and transfer out the balance through bank, e-wallets, etc
P2P transaction

Easy transaction between wallet accounts using any unique identifier such as phone number

QR code payment
Utilizing QR code complied with the EMV specifications, enabling instant merchant payment and P2P transfer
Layered wallet structure
Capable of creating relations between accounts that will allow access and activities such as transferring
Merchant wallet system
Master and sub wallets for each merchant with automatic fund pulling and reporting function periodically
Multiple balance compatibility
Compatible with multiple additional balances such as convertible loyalty points and special balance with specific rules
Layered wallet structure

Through the open APIs, merchants and external payment methods can be integrated into a single mobile application

Our APIs are designed to be highly compatible, which allows third-party integrations to be easier and faster

Real-world Use Cases

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See how a super app enhanced its features and created stickier user experiences.

Crypto Payments

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