AND Solutions is a group company of AND Global – A fintech company that is quickly expanding across Asia. AND Solutions globally provides fintech solutions that are proven successful and backed by continuous innovation.

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The achievements of the clients who are using our solutions

Summarizing the key result of clients who use our solutions. All of our solutions can be composed and implemented individually so that you can pick and choose the ones you need.


Loan disbursed to their customers


Reduce customer onboarding cost


Total clients' users


Increased repayment rate


Monthly average loan disbursement

Fintech as a service

Our Solutions For Your Business Needs

Digital ecosystem builder

Capable of handling high volume high frequency transactions

  1. P2P transaction
  2. Layered wallet structure
  3. Top-up and cash-out capability … etc

Lending solution

Various kinds of loan products and micro-investment

  1. Loan origination system
  2. Loan management system
  3. BI system

e-Commerce solution

All the functions you will ever need in an e-commerce

  1. All-in-one centralized sales monitoring
  2. E-coupons and E-discounts
  3. Financial products … etc

Scoring solution

Machine learning team with multiple success experience

  1. Data collection & Analysis
  2. Self-learning and updating
  3. Model training & Gamification

Link API

Assess your customers through valuable and reliable data source

  1. Banking Account Information API
  2. Social Security Information API
  3. Dashboard

e-KYC solution

Identify and authenticate your customers with ease

  1. Document Reader
  2. Biometric Matching
  3. Admin

Want to know about how our solutions can fit into your business?



Our solutions can be composed and implemented individually so that you can pick and choose the ones you need.



Depending on your business and product needs, our solutions can be customized to fit seamlessly with your existing system

Continuous innovation

Continuous innovation

We constantly innovate and test new
updates and products by ourselves in
B2C markets.

Client success story #1

LendMN is the first fintech, AI & ML scoring based micro-lending application in Mongolia. It has been one the foremost leaders for inclusive financing and micro-investment models.


Client success story #2

SuperUP is the first fintech-based lifestyle application in Mongolia that strives to provide a wide range of financial services and accessible e-services to its customers.


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