We are a financial solution provider with extensive technological and business expertise serving FIs mainly in the APAC region. Our aim is to bring value to our clients via increased efficiency, automation, and growth acceleration.

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Our Solutions

Designed with your convenience in mind, looms streamlines the borrowing process, reduces operational cost while minimizing the credit risk.

NIKO is a no-code automated machine learning platform designed to make AI accessible for business decision-making. Accelerate your business growth through data-driven decision-making with NIKO’s end to end features.

mindox is an AI-powered document processing solution that addresses two main challenges: the lack of insights from data trapped in documents and the slow turnaround times caused by manual data entry. 

Our credit and behavioral scoring system utilize proprietary AI/ML algorithms with state-of-the-art data modeling to deliver faster, accurate, and reliable scoring.


All of our solutions can be composed and implemented individually so that you can pick and choose the ones you need.

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Our work highlight

Lending system for a commercial bank (Cambodia)

Lending and credit scoring system that is tightly integrated with the client’s existing core banking system.

Credit scoring and lending system for a leading NBFI (Mongolia)

Lending and credit scoring system for the leading micro-lending fintech service provider covering over half the adult population of Mongolia

India, SME credit scoring service (In collaboration with SCV)

Enterprise scoring system for micro, small and medium enterprises in collaboration with the Standard Chartered Ventures.


Client success story #1

LendMN is the first fintech, AI & ML scoring based micro-lending application in Mongolia. It has been one the foremost leaders for inclusive financing and micro-investment models.


Client success story #2

SuperUP is the first fintech-based lifestyle application in Mongolia that strives to provide a wide range of financial services and accessible e-services to its customers.


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