Experience the future of document processing with Advanced AI Platform

Maximize team efficiency with our AI-driven, cloud-based document-processing platform: offering fast, intuitive, end-to-end process automation. Free your team from manual data entry tasks.

Advancing Together with Our
Customers, Delivering Value
Advancing Together with Our Customers, Delivering Value


Achieve processing speeds up to 120x
faster than manual document


Reduce human errors by 80%, ensuring
reliable and precise document handling,
bringing confidence to your service


Cut operational costs by 70% compared to
manual processing, optimizing resource

Minimize manual efforts
maximize efficency

Elevate your document handing with Mindox’s Ai-driven, cloud-based platform.
Here’s how:

01. Input

Seamlessly Ingest Files

  • Supports PDF, PNG, JPEG and TIFF formats.
  • Effortless file imports via API.
  • Integration with various cloud storage.

02. Extract

Precision Data Capture

  • Precise capture of key values and tables.
  • Handles unstructured and handwritten documents.
  • Multilangual Processing

03. Smart Analysis:

Turn Data into Insights

  • Transform raw data into actionable insights.
  • Empower teams with rapid, data-driven decision-making tools.

04. Export

Flexible Data Integration

  • Export processed data effortlessly in your preferred format.
  • Integrate the exported data seamlessly back into your systems.

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