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Lending solution LOS/LMS

End-to-end lending software designed with the business owners in mind. Offers fully configurable solution that helps you to build and scale fast, so you can stay ahead in the market.

  1. Loan origination system
  2. Loan management system
  3. BI system

Behavioral and credit scoring

Tailor-made scoring model powered by AI/ML to enable you make smart decisions. Automate your credit decision and expand into more inclusive lending.

  1. Data collection & Analysis
  2. Self-learning and updating
  3. Model training & Gamification

Auto ML platform

Leverage the power of the machine learning and accelerate your business growth. Build machine learning models in minutes without writing a single line of code by uploading the data you already have. MACHINE LEARNING is no longer a mystery.

Clients around the world

All of our solutions can be composed and implemented individually so that you can pick and choose the ones you need.

13 Countries

40+ International Deals

Our work highlight

Lending system for a commercial bank (Cambodia)

Lending and credit scoring system that is tightly integrated with the client’s existing core banking system.

Credit scoring and lending system for a leading NBFI (Mongolia)

Lending and credit scoring system for the leading micro-lending fintech service provider covering over half the adult population of Mongolia

India, SME credit scoring service (In collaboration with SCV)

Enterprise scoring system for micro, small and medium enterprises in collaboration with the Standard Chartered Ventures.