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The AND Global’s e-commerce platform provides solutions that allow you to easily upgrade and reinvent your business to reach untapped market opportunities. Easy to use, plug & play features help you grow your ecommerce platform as your business grows without any unnecessary charges. The Platform can be easily customized to assist small local shops and multi-million dollar commerce businesses.

Assess and score new customers’ creditworthiness based on traditional financial data and also non-traditional behavioral data.

Identify, classify, and target customers based on activity data of behavioral tendencies.

Diversify your business with additional products and services with accurate targeting and higher conversion rates.

Assess, identify, and leverage behavioral tendencies in customers

Why choose our

Digital Ecosystem Builder

Integration with local payment channels

Adjustable UX/UI for customer friendliness

Team of AI and machine learning professionals

Deep understanding of the E-commerce ecosystem

Quick implementation to your existing system

Financing modules to increase sales


Credit E-commerce

24/7 sales

Get detailed insight into your customers’ buying habits

Real-time fulfillment management

Increased sales through consumer financing

Make use of the AI recommendation engine

Technology Modules & Features:

End-to-End Microlending Solutions
Automate, Analyze, Act

Keep your customers engaged with discounts and coupons. Find continuous opportunities to increase sales through discount and coupon features.

Get in-depth, organized knowledge of customer behavior. Profile your customers and offer them what they need when they need it through our AI-based recommendation system.

Increase your customer opportunities through our partnerships with financial institutions. Offer features like Buy-now-Pay later, Leasing, EMI to your buyers.

The AND Ewallet provides a fully customizable platform ready for use via websites and via mobile phones or tablets.

Manage your fulfillment and get real-time reporting on sales, including customer search items, transaction reports, and customer feedback.

Manage your marketing with a powerful dashboard to monitor social media engagement, SMS engagement, and email marketing.

Grow your customer base with easy payment integrations, including with local banks, e-wallets. Integrate your ERP with our platform and efficiently monitor your business.

Our Approach and Services for E-commerce

Our sales and engineering consultants will work closely with you to define and customize solutions to meet your immediate needs. The overall process looks as below. However, our approach is tailored to each partner to make sure of the following necessary steps:

Our solutions

For Your Business Needs

Digital ecosystem builder

Capable of handling high volume high frequency transactions


Various kinds of loan products and micro investment


All the function you will ever need in e-commerce


Machine learning team with multiple success experience


Identify and authenticate your customers with ease

Link API

Assess your customers through valuable and reliable data source