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Connect to your customer’s financial and identity data instantly

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An ocean of opportunities with a single API integration

AND Global’s Link API lets you connect to your customer’s financial and identity data instantly with a single integration. The raw data is thoroughly cleaned and further enriched using our advanced AI and machine learning technologies to offer more value-added services. Our Link API is easy to integrate, compliant with the regulation, and built on top of industry-grade highly secure technology.

Access real-time bank transaction data to make more accurate credit and risk assessment

Save a lot of operational time and reduce cost drastically

Enable a seamless digital onboarding experience

Introduce tailor-made product and service for each customer


Why choose our

Our Link API Technology

Build one integration and enable multiple bank connections

Less than a week to integrate with documents, guides, and a sandbox environment prepared with the developer’s convenience in mind

Compliant with data privacy regulatory requirements

Uses industry-standard technologies to ensure customer’s data privacy and security. Performs regular internal vulnerability assessment and penetration test

Extensive experience in building bank integration in emerging markets


Financial Data Access

Minimum integration SaaS model

No need to handle customer’s credentials as our end-to-end encrypted front-end interface will make sure the credentials never pass through your application

Automated digital onboarding using identity data for verification

Bank transaction-based credit scoring to enable more accurate risk assessment and instant loan origination

Technology Modules & Features:

Financial infrastructure for all
Harness the power of banking & government data


  • Bank account holder’s name, address, and contact information
  • Quickly verify customers’ identity for KYC process and fraud reduction
  • Auto-fill personal information within the application

Account & Balance

  • Account type, currency, and real-time balances (current, hold, and credit card balances if available)

  • Check the real-time balance for payment and overdraft reduction


  • Up to 12 months of transaction history with additional information enriched by our technologies

  • Enable more accurate credit and risk assessment

  • Get insights into customer’s financials and offer personalized services


  • Customer’s identity information, including name, date of birth, address, and contact information

  • Quickly verify customers’ identity for KYC process and fraud reduction

  • Auto-fill personal information within the application

Contribution History

  • Retrieve the customer’s social security contribution history, including monthly payment amount, currency, and payment date

  • Enhance credit and risk assessment

  • Improve income verification

An easy-to-use and intuitive interface to manage and monitor your customer’s activity

Real-world Use Cases

Digital Identity Verification

Instantly retrieve your customer’s identity information to enable strong customer authentication and automate your KYC process.

Digital Identity Verification
Personal Finance Management
Addon Fintech Services
Digital Banking
Business Finances

Our Approach

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Digital ecosystem builder

Capable of handling high volume high frequency transactions


Various kinds of loan products and micro investment


All the function you will ever need in e-commerce


Machine learning team with multiple success experience


Identify and authenticate your customers with ease

Link API

Assess your customers through valuable and reliable data source