How a super app perfected a digital ecosystem

Mobile app industry use case

Background Story

SuperUp app was launched in the Mongolian market for delivering the all-in-one experience while benefiting from the partner network. This everyday app incorporates many functions and features in one place to provide access to everything that users need without having to download other apps. Since the app includes many different mini apps within itself, ranging from e-commerce and food delivery to insurance and other financial services, users tend to be very loyal because it saves phone  memory and facilitates a multifaceted experience.

SuperUp app was a perfect solution for a saturated market where the users have too many choices. Instead of competing with all the other existing apps with another single-purpose app, SuperUp decided to co-create with third-party businesses and benefit from the network effect while becoming the ecosystem designer and the facilitator.


Perfecting the core interaction

To implement their plan successfully, the most crucial game-changing feature was the e-wallet. They had to make the e-wallet right because the core interaction that holds all the services and products together is the payment solution.

Keeping up with the trends

Even though the SuperUp company had a great IT team, the product development process including the testing, adjustments, improvements and maintenance took time and resources. To save time and minimize the risks, they needed a specialized, proven, and already built solution to incorporate it almost immediately after customization and integration.

User acquisition and growing loyal users

After launching the super app, SuperUp’s main challenge was user acquisition and creating sticky user experience and furthermore loyal users.


AND e-wallet was an excellent fit for SuperUp’s needs as the company exclusively develops cutting-edge technologies. To deliver a risk-free and proven product, AND Solutions develop the products and test them in a proof-of-concept market before offering them. AND Solutions has an extensive R&D department that’s constantly innovating and updating state-of-the-art features into the solutions.

To incentivize users to use the app, SuperUp used the AND wallet’s loyalty and gamification features. Through these features, users gain loyalty points on their usage, which they can use for tangible benefit later within the app.

Business Benefits - Going beyond the solution

One of the capabilities of the AND e-wallet that SuperUp benefited from was the e-wallet’s capacity to handle
high-frequency transactions. As the SuperUp has many mini-apps and services, the transaction volume was high,
and it needed a wallet that could handle such volume smoothly without failures.

The AND wallet is built with open APIs, which means it has robust integration capabilities with third-party systems
such as bank accounts, other e-wallets, bank cards, and over-the-counter channels. As a result, users could top-up
their wallets and transfer funds to any channel of their choice. Since the wallet was also integrated with bank payment
gateways, users can quickly transfer money between e-wallets and bank accounts without any fee.

Recommendation and AI
With data-driven insight into customer behavior, AND E-wallet’s recommendation engine begins to determine products and services customized to your customer’s needs at the right time.

Unlimited scalability and growth
The AND E-Wallet technical nature allows you to scale your services with its secure open integration capabilities limitlessly. By smoothly integrating services and products in your network, it facilitates discovering a whole new digital ecosystem for your customers to play, spend and entertain.

P2P transaction
Easy transaction between wallet accounts using any unique identifier such as phone number.

Layered wallet structure
Capable of creating relations between accounts that will allow access and activities such as transferring.

Multiple balance compatibility
Compatible with multiple additional balances such as convertible loyalty points and special balance with specific rules

Customized compliance and secure data management
The AND E-Wallet is easily customizable to local regulatory requirements. Additionally, the E-Wallet provides on-premise and cloud-based solutions based on regulator data management requirements.

Multiple channels for top-up and cash-out
The AND E-wallet can be integrated with multiple real-time top-up and cash out channels to provide a variety of payment methods for customers, such as E-wallets, Banks, Over-the-Counter methods, Debit & Credit cards, and local currency cards as well.

High frequency, high volume capability
Utilizing database shard and horizontal partition of data, our wallet system is capable of handling a large number of datasets and requests

QR code payment
Utilizing QR code complied with the EMV specifications, enabling instant merchant payment and P2P transfer.

Merchant wallet system
Master and sub wallets for each merchant with automatic fund pulling and reporting function periodically