e-KYC & Fraud Detection

Digitize your customer onboarding and prevent fraud with AI-based solutions

Our e-KYC solution enables financial institutions to digitize and automate the onboarding process of their customers.

24/7 real-time

Achieves customer acquisition

Less than a minute

Onboard new customers

Reduce up to 70%

customer onboarding cost

Enable Paperless and Contactless Onboarding for Your Customers

Our e-KYC product suite comes with sophisticated independent technologies that work together seamlessly for countless use cases.

Offer a streamlined digital onboarding experience 24/7

Improve the efficiency of customer verification

Cut operation
costs & save time

Scale your business beyond branches and stores

Why choose our

e-KYC Technology

Mobile biometric matching

Customized solution development for your use case

Compliant with Regulatory Requirements

Sophisticated fraud detection techniques

Leveraging the latest AI and machine learning technologies

Technology Modules & Features:

A complete e-KYC solution
From biometric matching to fraud detection

Document Reader

Our e-KYC suite has a multipurpose document reader To digitize and automate this paper-heavy verification process.

Auto Document Type Detection
Accurately identify the ID document type

Account & Balance
Extract required information through OCR technology

Fraud Detection
Detect unnatural/forged images on ID documents using AI

Automated Verification with Third-Party Integration
Streamline onboarding process by integrating verified third-party databases

Biometric Matching

Enable an additional layer of identity assurance and fraud prevention to your business using our facial recognition technology

Facial Recognition
Recognizes and compares ID document photos with the customer’s selfie with high accuracy

Liveness Detection
Real-time liveness detection to distinguish live persons face from any malicious method using photo/video

Accumulative Facial Database
Accumulative Facial Database


Powerful dashboard for manual intervention to enhance and customize your customer onboarding experience

KYC Process Dashboard
Quickly monitor and manage entire e-KYC processes. Automatic sorting feature to reduce operation cost and save time

In-App Video Call
Complement the onboarding process with a human verification specialist

Real-world Use Cases

Digital onboarding for various industries

Offer a digitized, fast, and easy onboarding process to customers and eliminate the need to fill up physical forms and submit physical document copies

Digital Bank account opening

Credit card application

Telecom subscription

Investment account opening

Consumer app registration

Insurance product enrollment