E-Wallet, as a foundation to smart hotels

Hospitality industry use case


As Covid-19 infection rates grew, businesses needed to change their approach to customer service.

The hospitality industry experienced a unique challenge to provide superior customer service while maintaining social distancing measures. With a growing consumer generation native to the digital environment, a simple technology-based solution with an enjoyable user experience was necessary.



The E-Wallet system can be the foundation for your smart hotel. The E-wallet’s “pick and play” architecture allows you to add features and services that you believe are most suitable for your customers. E-wallet allows numerous top-up and cash-out methods, including bank-to-bank, e-wallet, and over-the-counter methods. Additionally, customers can track their loyalty points and remain continuously engaged with the hotel brand.


AND E-wallet system adds a new dimension to customer service, customer care, and customer insight. The E-wallet offers hotels and resorts with improved sales, loyalty, customer satisfaction, and brand affinity. Aside from eliminating all needs to use cash or cards for services and products offered by the hotel and in-hotel stores, the E-wallet can also accommodate in-app online gaming (table games, high stakes games) and gambling.


The AND E-Wallet provides easy on-boarding, secured personal data collection, and data analytics. With growing customer demand to receive fast response and “immediate gratification,” AND E-wallet's user experience will give customers an experience rarely found at resorts and hotels.

What is the AND E-Wallet?

AND E-Wallet is a state-of-the-art digital wallet solution that is capable of fitting into different business needs. The integration & implementation of the AND E-wallet is not only limited to providing an enhanced customer experience. With the introduction of the AND E-wallet system, hotels and resorts will have access to detailed data on customer behavior. Our partners can implement effective marketing campaigns, tailored product offerings, and loyalty programs to assure unique incentives to attract new customers and retain existing customers with our data analytics solutions.

Recommendation and AI
With data-driven insight into customer behavior, AND E-wallet’s recommendation engine begins to determine products and services customized to your customer’s needs at the right time.

Unlimited scalability and growth
The AND E-Wallet technical nature allows you to scale your services with its secure open integration capabilities limitlessly. By smoothly integrating services and products in your network, it facilitates discovering a whole new digital ecosystem for your customers to play, spend and entertain.

P2P transaction
Easy transaction between wallet accounts using any unique identifier such as phone number.

Layered wallet structure
Capable of creating relations between accounts that will allow access and activities such as transferring.

Multiple balance compatibility
Compatible with multiple additional balances such as convertible loyalty points and special balance with specific rules

Customized compliance and secure data management
The AND E-Wallet is easily customizable to local regulatory requirements. Additionally, the E-Wallet provides on-premise and cloud-based solutions based on regulator data management requirements.

Multiple channels for top-up and cash-out
The AND E-wallet can be integrated with multiple real-time top-up and cash out channels to provide a variety of payment methods for customers, such as E-wallets, Banks, Over-the-Counter methods, Debit & Credit cards, and local currency cards as well.

High frequency, high volume capability
Utilizing database shard and horizontal partition of data, our wallet system is capable of handling a large number of datasets and requests

QR code payment
Utilizing QR code complied with the EMV specifications, enabling instant merchant payment and P2P transfer.

Merchant wallet system
Master and sub wallets for each merchant with automatic fund pulling and reporting function periodically