AND Global joins hand with Digital Platformer and Soramitsu to research and develop blockchain based e-KYC solutions

Digital Platformer, Soramitsu and AND Global enter into memorandum of understanding to jointly research, develop and implement new cutting-edge solutions, including blockchain-based e-KYC solution and blockchain-based loyalty program and tokenization of real-world assets (the “Projects”). 

With the combined expertise and experience in successfully developing and implementing various financial technology, decentralized technology and tokenization solutions, the trio will study the technical and commercial feasibility of the Projects, and develop, test and implement the Projects in Japan, Philippines and Mongolia and a wider Asia Pacific market. 

The parties will also use and implement each other’s existing and prospective tech solutions in their businesses for the purpose of serving their respective clients better.  


Soramitsu is a global technology company incorporated in Japan, and delivers blockchain-based solutions for enterprises, universities, and governments. With the mission to design a better world through decentralized technologies, Soramitsu helps its clients by designing and launching next generation financial applications, at a lower cost and in record time. Soramitsu is an original developer and still a primal contributor of the Hyperledger Iroha, which is now a part of open-source projects under Hyperledger Foundation.

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Digital Platformer

Digital Platformer is a global technology company incorporated in Japan, and has its own proprietary blockchain-based solutions, including decentralized identification and digital currency solutions based on the Hyperledger Iroha solutions. Digital Platformer helps governments, local authorities, banks and other financial institutions in integrating next generation technologies in their activities. 

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AND Global

AND Global is a fintech company headquartered in Singapore and has strategic investments by Marubeni Corporation and SBI Holdings, Inc. AND Global has its own proprietary fintech as a service solution, including AI-powered credit scoring system, auto-ML solution, e-KYC solution, e-payment, dynamic digital wallet, dynamic mobile lending application, loan origination and management system, business intelligence and document management systems, and (b) has been developing, testing and implementing a security token issuance and trading platform. With the FaaS Solution and Denode, AND Global enables its clients to seamlessly integrate financial and alternative financial technology solutions into their businesses.

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