Use case

Client success story #1

LendMN is the first fintech, AI & ML scoring based micro-lending application in Mongolia. It has been one the foremost leaders for inclusive financing and micro-investment models.

Client success story #2

SuperUP is the first fintech-based lifestyle application in Mongolia that strives to provide a wide range of financial services and accessible e-services to its customers.

E-Wallet, as a foundation to smart hotels

Hospitality industry use case

How a super app perfected a digital ecosystem

Mobile app industry use case

Acquiring new users through cryptocurrency

Mobile app industry use case

e-KYC digital onboarding made simple

Financial industry use case

How E-commerce took over Mongolia

Mobile app industry use case

How BNPL solution boosted an e-commerce platform

E-commerce industry use case

How AI/ML-based credit scoring accelerated a lending application to become an industry leader

Financial industry use case

Increasing revenue and customer satisfaction by implementing behavioral scoring

Telecommunication industry use case

Digitalize identity verification and improve KYC process with customers’ financial data

Digital service industry use case

Accurate credit risk assessment using real-time financial data

Financial industry use case